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I hope you are all having a great week and staying cool if it is sweltering where you live! My sister is actually in town so I am playing hooky in the latter half of today and we are going to our club for lunch and going to hang out by the pool to spend time with her! Then we will probably go out to dinner somewhere fun with our family.
This past weekend we headed up to the seven springs/hidden valley area (about an hour outside of Pittsburgh) and stayed the weekend at our friend’s mountain house with a big group of 18 people! It was a blast. Good food, drinks, and friends/family! 
This week has been rather mundane and borderline stressful but just getting excited to look ahead to the weekend! This weekend is Father’s Day and each year we play in a father/daughter golf tournament at our club so I am looking forward to that!

Wearing: I have this $20 shirt in green check and I think I want to get it in brown for fall. I think it would look so cute with leather/faux fur etc! It runs big so size down. I got the XS and it’s still pretty roomy and flowy. But it’s just so darn comfortable and so lightweight (not in a bad/cheap way). 

Reading: Have you all read about the UK testing a 4-day work week? 70 companies are involved and employees will be getting paid the same but instead only do 4 days of work. The idea is that they do as much work in those 4 days as they would have in 5 days. I definitely don’t know if it is possible for all lines of work… maybe somehow… staggered or something? Honestly, I think before I started working for myself, I didn’t realize how incredibly wonderful it is to be able to work on my own schedule. I have found, however, that it’s best for me to work traditional office hours (9-5ish Monday-Friday) as most people in my industry (ex. PR professionals, marketing, big brands, etc.) are also working those same hours. But I will say, I do find a lot of peace/joy in working on Sundays. I love that no one bothers me via email on Sundays and I can get so much done! There are often times when I need a 3-day weekend for traveling (lots of weddings) or whatnot and I have always been able to make it work when I turn my week into a 4-day work week. Sometimes I’m working later in the evening leading up or working extra the weekend before, but I always get what I need to get done, done! I’m not sure if everyone is that disciplined or not, but I think the reward of an extra weekend day is totally worth it! I think the ability to have flexibility like that is truly something special and would be a good way for companies to draw employees in as a benefit! 

Sale: Tory Burch is having their semi-annual sale where you take an extra 25% off the sale prices! I always fly to their home section to see what is included as I just love their lettuce ware pieces. Some are actually included which is always a welcome surprise! I also think this set of 4 cocktail napkins for $37 is a steal and would make a great gift to keep on hand for any occasion. I love to keep gifts like this on hand when things pop up! TB always comes so beautifully packaged, too, so it comes ready to gift. 

 Have you all watched the new season of Stranger Things yet? It’s SO good. We just finished the 7 episodes and are anxiously awaiting the ‘part II’ that comes out July 1st! I 

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Loving: Tuckernuck just came out with a beach collection and it is just lovely! SO many great prints for the beach or vacation or even around town. I fully plan on wearing these pieces that Tuckernuck sent me right here in Pittsburgh! 

Amazon Rec: I just ordered these super cute earrings on Amazon for under $20. I will report back on how they are! You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!
Quoting:Truly powerful women don’t explain why they want respect. They simply don’t engage those who don’t give it to them.’ – Sherry Argov See more of my favorites, here.

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