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Summer Wind: My Sister’s Wedding!

(Ryan was so nice and efficient and took such beautiful photos-I definitely recommend him!!)

My sister and brother-in-law originally married on May 22, 2021, as that was their originally planned wedding date. About 6 months prior to that, they decided that they wanted to postpone their big wedding celebration. There was still too much up in the air in terms of the pandemic and they were not able to enjoy anything leading up to their wedding (like a bridal shower or bachelor/bachelorette parties). They also wanted a large guest list so with restrictions still in place, they would not have been able to have their dream wedding here in Pittsburgh at that time. 

So they had a beautiful backyard immediate family-only ceremony and dinner and it was truly so special. You can see the photos that I took, here
Flash forward to this year and they were able to have a bachelorette, a shower, and then the big celebration that they always dreamed of here in Pittsburgh at Phipps Conservatory in the Oakland neighborhood with so many friends and family in attendance! So today, I thought I would share some photos from the wedding. I tried to keep it to immediate family/wedding party as I prefer to respect guests’ privacy and anonymity by keeping photos of them off of my website when it comes to posting wedding stuff!

Probably unsurprisingly, I was the maid of honor and she also had 3 bridesmaids. A close family friend, a best friend from high school, and our cousin! A very fun group of girls considering I know and love all of them, too! My brother-in-law, Timmy, had 4 groomsmen, all friends from college. 

Since they were already married, the ceremony portion was more like a vow renewal type thing where they had their friend from high school ‘officiate’ (they are high school sweethearts). He’s actually a writer by day and he did such a good job and all was so eloquent and well done. It was out in the garden area of Phipps which was just beautiful despite the unseasonably hot 90+ degree day and not a raindrop was had! We have some hilarious photos of the bridesmaids fanning Callie off in her dress, ha!!

The reception took place under a tent outside of Phipps and their band, Studio E Entertainment, played all of the best music, beautiful florals by Mt. Lebanon Floral, and Ryan Zarichnak was the photographer! JL Studio did hair and makeup. Callie and her husband organized it all themselves and included cute touches like an on-trend neon sign, a small cutting cake, and cupcakes and doughnuts instead of serving cake! 

It was seriously a blast. I loved being a bride but there’s also something really special about not being a bride at a family wedding/being a maid of honor at your only sister’s wedding! A night filled with love and sweet memories! 

Also, our husbands are not brothers or related in any way! I always have to say this because each time I post them, I get flooded with these questions, haha!! Some have even asked if they are twins! I think they look more similar in photos, especially in the photo above so I can see why people ask! But in person, they really don’t look all that much alike. 


Similar to mine but her’s are done in a beautiful white lace- she also wore them to all of her bridal events leading up to the wedding! Hangisi pumps are so comfortable!

This is the cake that they cut. They set out a dessert table for guests filled with cupcakes, doughnuts, cookies, etc. 

Flowers were by Mt. Lebanon Floral. We both carried these frames on our bouquets filled with our grandpa, our grandma and pap pap, and our dog Mac. We also both wore our Grammie’s aquamarine and diamond ring as our something blue. It was given to her by my grandpa and delivered on Christmas Day in the 1960s.


Callie looked stunning in her dress and was very ‘her’! She picked it out back in 2019 so it was SO amazing to finally see it on her! 


High school sweethearts! Timmy’s family is also just wonderful! 


Cousin, Friend from High School, Bride, Family Friend, Sister

Dress Links From Left to Right:

Dress Links From Left to Right:

I just loved all of the various shades of blue together and the different fabrics of our dresses! I think if I had had bridesmaids, I would have definitely done something similar where not everyone is wearing the same exact dress- it just looked so good!


My husband, me, Brother In Law, Sister, Grammie, Mom, Dad

My mom’s dress is BHLDN but no longer available. It’s called the Adema Ballgown if you want to search for it on sites like eBay. 

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