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Comfortable But Cute Shorts Roundup

So you all know I am obsessed with my Agua by Agua Bendita shorts. They have a roomy fit and an elastic waist for maximum comfort but they look so cute on and can definitely be dressed up for dinners out and things like that but also worn when I have a computer day and am just sitting around the house or have to pop out to the grocery store! 

Well, they are pricey! Even on sale, they are $$ so I had a few people ask if I knew of anything similar. I thought I would do a roundup of comfortable shorts (my meaning of comfort is an elastic waist and roomy fit) that you can just throw on in the heat of the summer whether you’re just walking your dog or headed out on a date night. 

Every pair of shorts in this roundup is under $100 and there are many under $50. There are so many ways you can wear shorts like this whether over a swimsuit, with just a simple cotton tee shirt, dressed up with a silky camisole, and more! 

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