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Summer Wind: Lately

Did you all have a nice Memorial Day weekend? We definitely did. It was somewhat low-key as my husband golfed a bunch and we just hung out with friends and family and had some delicious meals and pool time! I needed that after my sister’s wedding and straight to Michigan- it was a very welcome slow down! 

This week is super abbreviated for me as Monday was a holiday but Friday we are off to a wedding in Cincinnati so I am having a 3-day week… which honestly sounds amazing, but when it comes to working for yourself, I am always trying to work so many extra hours in those 3-days to be able to enjoy the weekend away so Tuesday, Wednesday, and today have been a lot of extra time behind a screen! Worth it! 

It’s my husband’s birthday on Saturday (actually while we are at a wedding, ha!) so we are celebrating early and going out to drinks/dinner tonight which I am really looking forward to! 

Other than that, we don’t have any other big plans for June and I am welcoming it with open arms. March, April, and May were busy and I loved every minute of it but I’m truly ready to soak up the summertime and be home and back to a regular routine. Poor Henry needs some attention and I would love to get back to my regular workout schedule! I’m a creature of habit and thrive on routine. 

Eating: We had Ardolino’s pizza this weekend and I always forget how good it is. I mean I am a die hard Mineo’s gal and my husband’s favorite is Harry’s. Our mutual favorite is Driftwood Oven, Iron Born, and Cucina Bella. We always forget about Ardolinos for some reason! Delish- need to remember to order this more often! 

Drinking: ‘Tis the season for watermelon and that means watermelon martini! My love for these started at Bonefish Grill and I’ve since made it my own with a few edits. It taste SO fresh and delicious! You could make a batch of the mix if you’re hosting a crowd, too! I had my first of the season this weekend and I highly recommend! 
Sale: These Le Monde Beryl shoes are something I have had my eye on for a while. They are now on sale!!! 

 I haven’t had too much time to watch anything of note but we started The Flight Attendant season 2 on Netflix and so far it is just OK. I really liked season 1. I also have the new season of Stranger Things on my list that just came out on Netflix last Friday! 

Listening: I love the Allman Brothers. They are definitely a top favorite band of all time for me. I don’t know why but I like to listen to them even more in the summer and fall vs spring and winter. I have no idea why! Anyway, I just think Revival is one of the best songs and just puts me in such a great mood and feels like ‘summer’. I truly think you can’t not dance when this comes on!!!! Give it a listen! I linked to the recorded version but if you love a good jam session like I do, check out their live versions, there are some really good ones! Also,  you might want to check out my ‘Throwback‘ playlist on Spotify. I’ve literally been adding to it since 2014 and I’m very proud of what I have curated. I’m telling you, I am an old soul. I love the clothes of the early 60s (think Bewitched) and 80s uber preppy style/80s movies (Risky Business, all John Hughes, When Harry Met Sally, etc.) and the music of the 70s (Clapton, Eagles, Little Feat, Allman Bros, etc.) and 1950s music (Rat Pack) and movies (Sabrina, To Catch A Theif, etc.).
Wanting: Have any of you tried this Dior airflash foundation? The woman that did my makeup for my sister’s wedding used ‘airbrush’ makeup on me and I loved it. I have always thought airbrush was cakey or ‘too perfect’/fake/heavy looking but I was totally mistaken. It looked so even and so natural, I loved it and especially how it blended with other things like the blush and bronzer. So now I am interested in the Dior version to do it myself at home for special occasions! Banana Republic has made such an amazing comeback; I love the silhouette of this simple basic tank! I also really want this cashmere sweater polo!
Pittsburgh: Arts Fest starts this weekend and I just love when the city is all abuzz so this will be great! There are so many talented people in our city! 

Traveling: We are going to Cincinnati so if you have a restaurant rec in downtown Cincinnati let me know! I know they have Rheingeist, which they are known for and I have never been so we might go there! I am not a beer drinker but they have this drink called ‘bubbles’ which is a sparkling cider type thing and it’s SO good. I have only ever been to Cincinnati once on a work trip to tour the Procter and Gamble headquarters (with Olay) so I haven’t really spent much time otherwise exploring! Anyway, would love a rec- nothing too fancy, but good food and pretty atmosphere preferred! Also, have you all been to the Frontgate/Ballard outlet if you are local? Is it worth it to check it out? I have always wanted to go so we may check it out if we have time! 

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