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1940s hollywood netflix tv series

Hollywood // Netflix Series

I am a huge fan of TV series, binge watching and Netflix. Also, a great admirer of Ryan Murphy and his work as a writer/director/producer, especially in American Horror Story (all seasons), American Crime Story (The Assassination of Gianni Versace), Feud (Joan Vs Betty or Betty Vs Joan) and Scream Queens (more for the costumes, rather than …

aquazzura designer shoes shoes

Aquazzura Shoes

If I could, I would, but, unfortunately, I can’t… If I was able to spend 500-1,200 euro on a single pair of shoes, that pair would definitely be by Aquazzura. The first person I saw wearing this brand and draw my attention towards them was the fashionista Olivia Palermo and then I saw Meghan Markle …

face mask pandemic

Wear A Mask. It’s Important

Ever since the first Covid-19 cases were announced in Greece, back in February 2020, I started wearing face masks; in the subway, at the supermarket, at the pharmacy, basically anywhere I would spend time indoors with other people. I continued wearing them even when WHO announced that it was not necessary for civilians to wear …